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Coaching That Can Help You Get Clicks And Sales Fast Without Having To Pay For Ads

eCommerce coaching is essential to help your business enable its potential. After seeing hundreds of eCommerce stores from 35+ countries come through our eCommerce coaching door, we couldn’t be more proud of what our Traffic Ninjas community has achieved across the globe in the world. Is it time for your business to invest into a new type of eCommerce business coach?


Our eCommerce coaching programs can help you regardless if you’re selling your products on Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy, or other major platforms.

You’ve opened a Shopify store or another eCommerce store and play around with it for a while. Maybe you even turned your first six figures but then you realised that in order to move forward, you need to work with eCommerce business coach and get some eCommerce coaching into you.

We get it. After our own rises and falls, studying ever-changing eCommerce market and investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in our business, we realised that there’s something really wrong with eCommerce coaching and with the way how majority of the eCommerce coaching programs work.

You see, the thing is that most eCommerce coaching strategies out there are made for large businesses requiring lots of resources, high advertising budgets and complex implementation. And then, there is the whole tribe of Shopify coaches who teach you how to sell junk to masses at a discount. And that’s not us.

In our opinion, this type of eCommerce coaching is completely unusable for business builders who are passionate about their high-quality products and actually care about the people and the environment. Think about it like sustainable eCommerce. Yes, we all want to grow our businesses, be profitable and make sure the world gets to benefit from our work, but we don’t want to be flooding this planet with more junk that it already has and selling anything to anyone.

Therefore, the eCommerce coaching that we developed, uses our own system that helps brand builders run their eCommerce stores sustainably and profitably without having to spend money on ads and things that don’t work.

And the best thing about our eCommerce coaching programs? It only requires a fraction of the effort that other Shopify coaches teach.

As we think this eCommerce coaching system is quite intelligent, we call it iCommerce (instead of eCommerce, which btw. we think is dead by now or not sustainable).


iCommerce is NOT eCommerce coaching because it's like A-Z Skipping All Of The Letters In between

Success with eCommerce business coaching is not an accident. Just like any other industry, knowing how to generate online sales requires understanding the rules and following a proven step by step approach.


The 7-Figure iCommerce Ninja Blueprint

Get access to a eCommerce coaching system that’s proven to work, has generated a lot of sales and helped many of our students change their lives for good. All you need is an online store and the ability to follow simple instructions from your Shopify Coach.


Success Through The eCommerce Coaching Community

Surround yourself with other successful entrepreneurs and learn from your eCommerce coach advanced strategies and tactics and avoid costly mistakes that can put you out of business with our awesome Sustainable eCommerce coaching. 


Looking for a Shopify Coach or an eCommerce coach? Our eCommerce coaching programs are Platform Agnostic which means the strategies and methods we use and teach are compatible with most major ecom technology platforms like Shopify, Wix, Woocommerce, Squarespace, Big Commerce, and many more. 

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Coaching Packages

Platinum Membership

Mastermind Edition With 1:1 Access
USD $2,497/Month
  • Everything in DIAMOND plus…
  • 1:1 Coaching & Consulting Sessions
  • Monthly Mastermind Virtual Meeting
  • Minimum Committment 6-Months

What othrs say about our Coaching…

“We’ve had great success over the last 2.5 months. We spent about $1,400 on Facebook ads and made about $19,500 in sales (13.9x ROAS). We’re pretty impressed with that.”

– Amy

“We did over $50,000 last month. Not only has Silvia helped me with tactics and what to do to get there but she’s also helped me grasp a bigger vision for my brand and my company. I’ve been able to quit my corporate job and gone full time into the business. ”

– Austin

“We’re doing over $20,000 a month now only a few short months later. Silvia gave us the tools to grow our business.”

– Pallavi

“Absolutely would recommend this to an online retailer. Because I just launched my store and within the first quarter, I’m making money, I know what level I am at and I know when I’m stepping outside of the system..”

– Yvette