7 Tips On How To Get Pinterest Traffic To Your Website For Free: Case Study For Ecommerce

Jul 20, 2022

This case study will be taking you through the process of how you can start getting Pinterest traffic to your website for free.

In the last few years, online traffic has gotten more expensive and more difficult to get across the board. And lucky for you, Pinterest remains one of the little-known untapped ways how to get traffic from it.

Therefore, we’ll be deep-diving into some case studies on getting traffic to your website step by step.

Didn’t Search For Pinterest Traffic Case Study? Why You Might Want To Keep On Reading…

In the unlikely case that you were not searching for a case study on how to get traffic from Pinterest, let’s talk about why it might be worthwhile for you to read this article, all the way until the end.

Firstly, Pinterest traffic still remains largely untapped. Even in this crowded market. There are just a few important steps you need to get right. Especially if you want more exposure, and most importantly, generate more sales for your online store.

Therefore, I’ll be taking you through a simple Pinterest traffic case study. It contains just a small number of steps that will help you get your sales rolling in. 

1. The 3 Benefits Of A Pinterest For Business Account

So the first question, is why are we creating a Pinterest for business account? Because you can have a private account or a business account. And what’s the difference between these two and how will they influence the traffic you can get from Pinterest?

Well, there are a few little features that are very handy in the Pinterest for business account. You want to be able to turn those on. All of these features will help you generate more traffic from Pinterest to your store.

The 3 main benefits of converting your account to a Pinterest for business account, instead of just a normal personal account are:

  1. You’ll get more insights and analytics, so you can actually see what’s going on. What are people clicking on? What are they sharing? What are they saving? What are they pinning? All of that useful information helps you understand what you need to do more of and less of.
  2. If you wish to do so in the future, this account will also help you run ads so you can promote your pins and turn those into ads.
  3. You get access to rich pins or pins with more features so that you can make those pins more interesting for your customers and link them to your store. This helps drive more traffic to your website from Pinterest.

2. What’s Necessary To Get More Pinterest Traffic

All right. So let’s do this step by step. So first up Google Pinterest for business and fill out this simple information like email, age and password.

Then you’ll need to insert your business profile information to be able to drive Pinterest traffic to your website, this is quite important.

The information you’ll need to fill out is such as your website, business location and what’s your brand actually about or in other words what are you selling.

You can use this Pinterest traffic case study for any business industry you’re in, so if you’re in beauty or fashion or home or travel, just pick the one that’s right for you and best describes the products you sell on your website.

And then you can fill out what your goals are such as driving traffic to your store, generating more sales or grow your audience.

The important part to note here is that to drive traffic to your store from Pinterest, there is no right or wrong answer in this section. This section is purely there to help Pinterest understand your business but it won’t actually influence the Pinterest traffic and it’s not important for this case study.

And then next, you’ll have to describe your business. If you’re an eCommerce business then for this case study I would be choosing consumer goods, products or services or online retail.

Once you’ve filled this out, congratulations, you’re in and you can start working on getting that Pinterest traffic to your store! Now what you might notice straight away is that the Pinterest business platform will offer you to start driving traffic to your website from Pinterest through a paid ad.

You’re ready to go now

There’s nothing wrong with driving paid traffic to your eCommerce store and growing your audience that way, however, there’s still so much opportunity in Pinterest to drive traffic to your website for free and more steps on how to do that exactly are below in this case study.

3. The Little Known Secret On How To Drive Traffic To Your Website From Pinterest

So this is the meaty part on how to drive that traffic to your website. First thing you want to do to get that Pinterest traffic is to make sure that you fill your profile with ‘Ninja Phrases’ that your customers are actually looking for.

Tell your brand story with Ninja phrases

In other words, this is not your creative description of what your brand represents but these are the actual terms and phrases that people are searching for and that you can start ranking for in Google.

Yes, you’ve heard me. Just by following the steps in this case study and filling out your profile page with what your business is about, you can start getting Pinterest traffic for free.

However, coming up with your ‘Ninja Phrases’ can require a little focus. So if you’ve never researched your ‘Ninja Phrases’ before, then I recommend you learn the keyword secrets on how to generate more traffic where we discuss exactly this topic.

Lastly, before you finish this step, make sure that you claim your website and connect this Pinterest for business account to your online store and that those two are linked. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get that Pinterest traffic so easily.

Claim your website on Pinterest

4. Case Study On The Common Mistakes Killing Your Pinterest Traffic

Privacy is a big thing these days and so many online store owners mistake privacy with actually killing traffic to their website from Pinterest.

To get more traffic from Pinterest, make sure you permit Pinterest to show your profile in search engines such as Google.

The important Google setting in Pinterest

In some case studies, we’ve seen entrepreneurs ticking that box that suppressed their information, their pins, their products, and their boards from Google. And for some reason, if you’re looking for more traffic from Pinterest, we don’t think you want to do that.

And if you find it challenging to set up your Pinterest for business account properly, I invite you to set up your Pinterest account with me in less than 5minutes.

So now that you’ve got your basics enabled to get more traffic to your website from Pinterest, let’s move on in this case study and the next thing you want to do is create your first pin.

5. Optimise And Organise Your Pinterest Pins To Get Maximum Traffic

The way you organise and optimise your pins and board on Pinterest is super important to get you Pinterest traffic.

Think about your pins as products and think about your boards as collections. This is very similar to how an actual store is organized.

Once again, you must utilise what we call your “Ninja Phrases” to create the title and the description of your pin as that will be the main driver of your Pinterest traffic.

You need to give these pins names and show off your products in a way that people will find them attractive and want to interact with them. It’s not a sales competition and there’s no need to be salesy to get more Pinterest traffic.

I prefer case studies where entrepreneurs actually look through the eye of the Pinterest user and how they might interact with these high-quality images. For example, have a look at the pin below where you can see a great description of what the actual image represents and the product being shown as used by the customer.

Looking at this case study, I wouldn’t be surprised if this business was getting a lot of traffic from Pinterest.

Example of a high quality pin

To help you out, we’ve also put together additional resources on how to succeed on Pinterest without having to pay for Pinterest marketing services and you can read more information there on how to create and organise your pins as well.

6. Optimise And Organise Your Pinterest Boards To Get Maximum Traffic

So now you’ve got your pins, which is the first step, but now it’s time to start organising your boards. One could argue that organizing your boards is even more important to get you high-quality Pinterest traffic but for the purpose of this case study, let’s just say that it’s just as important.

Think about your boards on Pinterest as your collection pages. In the below case study, the Pinterest user was collating dresses she might like for summer. In other words, this is how typical users use Pinterest and it’s also how most boards get traffic.

So what you want to do is essentially create a board that resembles a theme and you put all of your similar pins inside of it to make it easy for Pinterest to send you traffic.

Example board of Summer dresses

Whilst these are the essentials on how to organise your Pinterest board, there are also additional tips and tricks I suggest you explore on how to succeed on Pinterest without having to pay for Pinterest marketing services.

7. Followers – The biggest case study myth for Pinterest traffic

The best part about Pinterest is that you don’t need any followers to generate Pinterest traffic. Yes, you heard me, no followers needed.

In fact, have a look at the below case study. These guys get over 11,000 views from Pinterest a month and only have 49 followers. And there are many case studies with 0 followers and huge Pinterest traffic numbers.

No followers are needed to get thousands of impressions and viewers

Why is that? Because Pinterest is one of the very special platforms that’s actually not social media and not a popularity contest.

In fact, it’s a planning platform that preferences what people are searching for rather than ‘what’s trending right now’ which is what Facebook or Instagram do.

In this way, you literally don’t need any followers to generate Pinterest traffic and if you follow the case study right on how to set up your pins and boards, most probably your website hits will actually keep increasing over time.


I hope you now understand that Pinterest is a very easy platform to use that’s largely untapped. It doesn’t require many resources to start getting traffic from it.

If you want to learn more on how to drive highly converting traffic to your online store without spending any money on ads, just download our 7-Figure Traffic Blueprint here.

Alternatively, you can read more on how to drive organic traffic to your eCommerce store even if you’re new to free traffic.

Silvia Myers

Silvia Myers

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Silvia is co-founder of Traffic Ninjas, teaching product makers and brand builders how to sell their incredible products online without having to discount or spend their hard-earned cash on things that don’t work.

Together with her husband and co-founder, Kristen, Traffic Ninjas equip eCommerce stores with an underground Ninja method specifically designed for small business owners, teaching them how to be profitable and sustainable and actually earn an income from selling their products online.

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