7 Pinterest Keywords Ninja Tools To Make Your Keyword Search Super Easy

Aug 5, 2022

Not many people realize that Pinterest is not actually a Social Media platform and therefore, not a popularity contest. It’s a planning and search platform which means your content can perform really well over a longer period of time. Especially when you take into account the power of Pinterest Keywords, which we’ll explore in more detail on this page.

But in order for your content to perform really well and drive high-quality traffic from Pinterest, it’s important to research the right keywords to use in your Pins and Boards. You need to understand the search volumes for these Pinterest keywords and also be clear on how you want to use these words in the Pinterest contest.

Once you’ve gone through these seven tools, you might want to start digging further into getting more SEO tips or just understanding organic traffic at a deeper level.

So let’s deep dive into the 7 Pinterest Keyword tools to make your Pinterest keyword research super smooth and easy.

The Pinterest search bar is my #1 keyword tool because it’s so easy to use and it’s making it obvious that Pinterest wants us to use this tool to do our research.

Essentially all you have to do is type a keyword inside the search bar such as “earrings” (see example below) and you can straight away see Pinterest suggestions on what other keywords could you use to complete the phrase.

There are plenty of suggestions you could work with to find your keywords, literally just inside the Pinterest search bar. At this point though, you can only see suggestions and this Pinterest keyword tool doesn’t tell you any keyword search volumes just yet.

Pinterest search bar example to research keywords

2. Pinterest Categories offer a good idea of additional phrases to use

What are Pinterest categories and how can you use this tool to research your Pinterest keywords?
Pinterest categories are the colorful suggestions just underneath the search bar. On top of the previous tool, they’re once again giving you some suggestions on how else you could categorize your keyword search.

You might notice that in this case, Pinterest is not suggesting any new phrases but it’s suggesting categories these products might belong to. The reason why it’s doing that is that the Pinterest algorithm doesn’t just understand the basic hierarchy of products and it didn’t just learn over time how we humans behave when we’re searching for what we want – but it also remembers what other people searched for and it’s offering you these categories because it thinks that they might be relevant.

So take a note of these and ask yourself how could you use these keywords for your Pins and Board and which one of these categories would your products fit into.

Pinterest Categories Bar to suggest keywords

3. Suggested Searches are often overlooked as a Pinterest keyword tool

I love suggested searches as a keyword tool and yet it’s so often overlooked when people do their Pinterest keyword research.

To access this tool, all you have to do is just keep scrolling down on your results screen.

This is a really important step in finding your Pinterest keywords because it’s offering you additional insight into what are some related Pinterest keywords that your ideal audience has been looking into. Remember, Pinterest is a planning and search platform and so its goal is to make it super easy for its users to find relevant content. If you can provide content containing keywords that Pinterest users frequently search for, Pinterest will love you for it and reward you with a lot of exposure.

Suggested searches for keywords

4. Pinterest Trends Are A Great Tool To Show You Keyword Search Volume

The reason why I love Pinterest Trends is that it gives you more specific information and shows you keyword search volumes.
The way how it works is that you essentially just type in keywords into the bar and then you can select up to three additional keywords and compare the keyword search volume in relation to one another. It allows you to look at four different keywords at a time and at the bottom of the tool, you can also find suggestions on keywords or phrases you might want to consider in your keyword research.

Let’s say I’m going to want to compare certain keywords that my ideal audience might be using in their search. So if I select the phrase “hair jewelry” and compare it to a simple keyword such as “accessories”, I’ll be able to see straight away which one of these keywords or phrases is trending higher and most probably has a higher search volume.

So what you will get out of this tool is not necessarily information about direct volume but more so information about which one trends higher in comparison to one another on a scale of zero to a hundred. One hundred stands for 100% which means that it’s trending at a maximum capacity and therefore the search volumes are expected to be higher. If it’s trending at zero, larger search volumes are not expected from these keywords.

The other reason why I really like this Pinterest keyword tool is that it shows you the seasonality of what your audience searches for. You will find that some search volumes are seasonal on Pinterest or even past their trend and that helps you understand not just keyword search volumes but also product popularity should you be preparing for a product or service launch.

This Pinterest keyword tool is very powerful because besides comparing volumes of your own keywords, it also suggests phrases at the bottom and already shows you a small graph of how they’re trending and you’re also able to do this search volume comparison for multiple countries.

Pinterest trends to research keywords

5. The Pinterest Ad Function is the most precise when it comes to keyword search volumes

The Pinterest Ad function, which is also free and native to the Pinterest platform, is the most precise when it comes to keyword search volumes and hence it’s super powerful and essential for your research.

You can get the insight without actually having to create an ad. To do your research and get the volumes you need to start the ad-creating process though so, in a way you’re pretending you’re creating an ad, the process just won’t be finished or finalized.
So once you’ve started the process of creating a Pinterest ad, when you move to the targeting section it will contain two parts, interests and keywords. By default, this section will land you on the ‘interest’ section and you need to click through on the ‘keywords’ part.

From there on, the keyword research is super simple. All you have to do to get the volumes for your keywords is to type in the keyword into the search bar and it will show you the volume range as well as suggested related keywords.
One of the things I really like about this tool is that it will also show you keywords that are being misspelled. Often, we don’t pay attention to these because that’s ‘bad practice’ so to speak, however in reality there’s a lot of volume in those keywords and if you do your research well, it will be an easy target to grab.

The way how I like to use this Pinterest keywords search tool is that I take all of the keywords from the suggested and related searches and also anything that I found through the Pinterest trends tool and I check the exact search volumes here. And the reason for that is, that if you were to use just one of these tools alone in isolation, you might find that your effort won’t turn into your desired result as fast as you expected in comparison to investing just ten more minutes into your keywords research.

6. A curious Keyword Search Tool not just for Pinterest

So far, I have only taken you through keyword search tools that are native to Pinterest. The first tool that I really love, that is free and that lives outside of Pinterest is simply a website called AnswerThePublic.

The reason why I love this tool is that it gives you actual suggestions on content to talk about that directly answers questions your audience might be searching for or asking about.

By now, you already found Pinterest keywords and related search volumes that you want to rank for so now, it’s time for you to start creating content that will actually help you get to the top.

And that’s what this keyword search tool is really good for because it shows you in whole sentences what your potential audience, customers or clients are asking or need help with. And the more value you can provide to your audience, the longer time they’ll be spending with you and the more likely they’re to continue their journey with you.

My Ninja Hack to use this free keyword research tool is to write these questions directly inside your Pins or you can name some of your Pinterest Boards after them. This little trick will earn you an instant exposure boost.

Answer the public screenshot

7. Opting in for a paid keyword search tool provides more detail on volumes and difficulty

There are plenty of paid keyword search tools but I personally like using SEMrush as it’s easy and it gives me a lot of insights that go beyond just Pinterest keywords.

This tool is not specific to Pinterest but it is specific to Google searches. So how does this tool relate to Pinterest keywords research and search volumes?
Well, we know that appx. 98% of search volume worldwide comes from Google and as Google loves Pinterest and ranks

Pinterest searches high in Google results, you can relate it back to Pinterest as well to capture a wider bigger market opportunity.

My favorite part of this tool is what’s called the keyword magic tool that essentially shows you whole phrases, how much estimated monthly volume there is on Google for this search term and then the difficulty of how easy or difficult it is to penetrate this search term if you were to start today.

The way I like to think about it is that you want to be looking for something with a decent volume that’s still quite untapped. Usually, I like to go for phrases that are green or maximum yellow. Stay away from the red as that’ll take a lot of effort for you to start ranking for.

SEMRush magic keyword search tool

In Summary

Congratulations, now that you’ve done your Pinterest keyword search with the free or paid tools you just learned about, it’s time for you to implement what you learned.

The easiest way to do this is to create a new Pinterest Board that contains your keywords (remember over the long term, boards will trump pins in the search) and then start creating multiple pins that contain alterations of those keywords that you selected and you’re all set!

And if you want to continue on this journey and learn more, I suggest you start by digging into a related Pinterest Traffic Case Study.

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