7 Examples Of Highly Effective Facebook Video Ads You Can Create At Home Even If You Are A Non-Creative Person

May 16, 2022

I always get asked about what it is that’s really effective when it comes to Facebook video ads and how to create highly effective videos at home particularly if you don’t consider yourself a creative person or might not have much experience with tech. 

And whilst I can’t give you a step by step process that will guarantee that your video ads will go viral, what I definitely can do is give you examples of highly effective Facebook ads you can create at home and point you towards the patterns that we’ve seen repeated over and over across different industries and countries.

And if you want to go further into this topic, you can also download the toolkit containing the Facebook Ad examples. 

This article is about video ads best practices and not how to create a Facebook ad step-by-step. If you’re after the step by step process, you can watch this video here.

Before we get to the examples of the video ads that have worked really well, there are 3 main elements that you might want to consider when creating your Facebook video ads.

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First, you need to give customers what they want. 

Giving customers what they really really want is the key to digital marketing and effective Facebook ads. This can mean offering something that they might not yet be aware of wanting but you know that they really want it and your job as a digital marketer is to make your customers want it even more.

In other words, it’s showing customers why they should use or want your product. I see online retailers miss out on huge opportunities because they don’t pause and elaborate on this part… and they just ask me “Silvia where do I click”…

Second, you need to use elements that are proven to make ads go viral.

Whilst no one can guarantee your ads will go viral, there are definitely patterns and commonalities between highly effective ads from various industries. And most of these ads use common elements such as these examples below. For a full list of examples that are proven to make Facebook video ads go viral, download the toolkit here.  


Highly effective Facebook ads tend to be results-oriented meaning they don’t show so much a process of using a product but demonstrate a possibility of a result. See those examples of highly effective Facebook ads below. 

Before vs. After contrast

On top of being results-oriented, all of the highly effective Facebook video ads examples really exaggerate the contrast between before and after having the product that they’re promoting. The key here is to think of the worst possible outcome of not purchasing the product, and then also the best possible outcome of having purchased the product. From there you want to show the customer the contrast. You have less than a second to grab someone’s attention, so make sure you use the time wisely. 

It doesn’t have to be a video ad 

When looking through the most effective Facebook video ad examples, I came across one thing they all had in common – movement. And by movement, I mean that any of these highly effective examples contained a type of movement but not all of them were necessarily videos. To demonstrate movement in your Facebook ad and create a video effect, you don’t necessarily have to produce a video as such. You can also use multiple images to create a slideshow or an app that helps you add sparkle to your ad. With any type of movement, you’ll already be ahead of the game.

Third, model what works.

Modelling a Facebook Video Ad Example that works is different to copying someone. I just want to get it out of my chest right at the beginning. Modelling means breaking it down, understanding the concept, the elements, the structure, the purpose and then applying the same to your own product or a Facebook ad creative. 
However, that’s not the biggest issue. The biggest issue is that most online store retailers don’t model Facebook video ads examples that work and hence their Facebook ads don’t end up working well. When you do a thorough competitor’s research, understand your audience and understand the trend, you can’t go wrong. Just model ads that work, that’s all and download the whole toolkit if you want to learn more. Simple.

The Essential Facebook Ads Video Toolkit

These examples have been carefully researched, curated and hand-picked to show you what’s possible. They’re all super simple, they follow all of the examples for creating highly effective Facebook video ads and the best thing – you can make any of these at home using nothing else but your phone. So here it is…

Example #1

facebook video ads tips

Observe this Facebook video ad example carefully. What you see is the focus on results and exaggerates the before and after.

It’s showing you how awful the previous sofa was and honestly do you guys believe that people’s sofas in their homes are this bad? I don’t. But they COULD BE. And that’s the point of exaggerating the before and after. Look at the likes, views, comments and shares this Facebook Video Ad Example has had. Brilliant. 

Example #2

best facebook video ads

This Facebook video ad example is amazing because it exaggerates the problem the customer is having and hence creating such a huge need. After this ad, you’ll really really want this product even though you’ve never thought of having this kind of blanket a minute ago. It also demonstrates a super simple use making it an easy sell and no brainer. And the way this Facebook Video Ad example displays the customer is just outstanding. The person inside the ad even uses makeup while sleeping. Very subtle but super effective. This Facebook video ad example addresses the customer avatar superbly. If you want to learn more about the importance of having your customer avatar inside your Facebook video ads download the toolkit. 

Example #3

facebook video ads examples

This Facebook ad video example is so simple, literally, anyone can create this at home. Essentially, it’s just a simple slide showing the product only. It makes you feel like life is so simple and happy. It’s brilliant and it makes the product look very attractive, fun and useful. I can really see how this Facebook video ad example speaks to the right customer avatar.  

Example #4

facebook ad example

This Facebook video ad example is brilliant because the ideal customer – the young girl inside the video ad describes the benefits so well that every teenage girl will want this. What she’s saying inside this video ad example presupposes that she’s got a boyfriend which is a subtle message to all of those teenage girls who don’t and think that if they buy and apply this product, they’ll get one. This video ad example also uses simple emojis to connect to that young customer. If you want to learn more about the importance of connecting to your ideal customer through your Facebook video ads, download the toolkit. 

Example #5

facebook video ads examples

I love this Facebook video ad example. Why? Because there is not even urgency, scarcity let alone any discount here. And that’s how effective Facebook video ads should be. This ad example purely just focuses on the results that this product generates. It repeats the customer testimonial twice and it’s a product that’s not even in the ‘attractive’ or ‘easy to sell’ category! The testimonial suggests that the impossible has just been made possible. With simple footage that you can create at home with your phone. Love it.

Example #6

facebook ad example

I love this Facebook video ad example because it’s super simple and minimalistic. It’s so simple that anyone can create it at home and yet it contains all of the genius marketing stuff. 

So far, this single video ad example has had 15,000 likes, 1,700 comments, 5,100 shares and 2.5 Million views!!! This is not bad for a few photos that are playing together in a slide show. Let me be clear. This is NOT a video ad example. If you’ve got 4 images of your product, you can easily create a Facebook video ad like this yourself in five minutes.

And on top of that, the subtle message we get from this Facebook video ad (more like a slideshow) example, is that our stress will go away with this pendant, nothing negative can happen to us and we’ll be cool amongst our friends. And 50% off on top of that? Well, I guess that’s irresistible enough for most people. Sold.

Example #7

Facebook Ad Example

This Facebook video ad example is brilliant because it makes all of the household chores look super easy. Both you and I know that when it comes to household chores and home upgrades (which is one of the examples inside this Facebook video ad) it’s never easy. However, it gives viewers the feeling that everything at home is not just easy but most importantly it demonstrates what the customer wants to hear – that a home upgrade can be fun, easy and cost-effective at the same time. The 23,000 shares and 19.3 MIllions of views for this Facebook video ad example just speak for themselves!!

No one can guarantee that your video ads will go viral, but there are commonalities between those Facebook video ads examples that have done really well and those ones that didn’t. The above 7 examples have been hand-picked and specifically curated for those who don’t consider themselves particularly creative or particularly techy. You can literally model these video examples at home using nothing else but your phone. 

And you can download the whole toolkit containing these examples below. 

– Silvia Myers

PS: Comment below if you have any more questions or any thoughts on this. I’d love to help.

Silvia Myers

Silvia Myers

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Together with her husband and co-founder, Kristen, Traffic Ninjas equip eCommerce stores with an underground Ninja method specifically designed for small business owners, teaching them how to be profitable and sustainable and actually earn an income from selling their products online.

The Traffic Ninjas community has grown from Sydney, Australia to 35+ countries around the world with small business owners achieving amazing results.


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