Facebook Ads CRUSHED After iOS 14 Update? (Do These 3 Things NOW)

Jul 5, 2021

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Apple vs Facebook. The face-off of the century. At least in the internet marketing community, and it´s driving store owners crazy.

Did your Facebook Ads get CRUSHED after the Apple iOS14 Update? Don’t panic!

What Is This iOS14 Update And When Did It Take Place?

The iOS14 update is one of Apple’s biggest software updates thus far and the full effect of this new update took place from around March 2021.

So you’re probably asking…

Apple vs Facebook: Why This Update Is Such A Big Deal

Well, one of the major components of this Apple iOS14 update was its new never-seen privacy measure. Then, impacting the information apps and social media platforms can track about their users.

So for consumers, this is great. Because for the first time in history, consumers can really choose what information companies like Facebook can track about them. Also, what information will stay private.

However, for online businesses, and eCommerce stores, this is a huge challenge. Especially, if they´re heavily dependent on making sales through paid social media platforms.

Previously, before iOS14, social media was tracking everything about its users. Literally everything. Like you name it everything. All of that data and information was super useful.
Essentially, helping Facebook understand who are ideal customers for all kinds of stores. And which one of these users are more likely to buy and which ones are less.

Bottom line is, in this Apple vs Facebook face-off, who really wins is the consumer.

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Lookalike Audiences On Facebook

As a result, this information became a basis for extremely powerful custom Facebook audiences and in particular what we call the lookalike audience in Facebook ads marketing. These lookalike audiences were essentially becoming more and more effective over time as with every single sale, they were learning and becoming even more precise with the help of AI (artificial intelligence or algorithm).

Thus these lookalike audiences became a super powerful marketing tool, helping online stores target only those users who were most likely to buy their products. And the result? Higher click-through rates, lower CPMs (audience cost), and essentially more conversions. Or in summary, simply more sales for a lower ad spend leading to great ROAS and easier ways to make money with your online store.

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How Lookalike Audiences Changed Since iOS14?

Since the Apple iOS14 update, Facebook no longer has the permission to track all of this information about Facebook users as they are automatically opted out unless they proactively opt-in. Therefore, it became very difficult for Facebook to have that visibility of who is who and it became harder to target the right audience.

The result is nothing else but a lower efficiency audience at a higher price. In other words, higher CPM, lower CTR, lower conversion rates, and lower ROAS. Harder to make money with your store and that’s not by a little bit, but by quite a lot. Ouch.

Is This The End Of Facebook Ads Or Can You Still Get Amazing ROAS?

iOS14 Apple update has impacted how the Facebook ads algorithm works. But eCommerce industry and ROAS are not doomed forever. There are lots online stores can do and there are some things eCommerce businesses absolutely MUST do. That is if they want to stay in the game.

In this video, I’ll explain more about the impact of the Apple iOS14 update on Facebook ads and not only what you can do moving forward to get your Facebook Ads back to where they were, but absolutely skyrocket their performance and get your amazing ROAS back (even if you’re new to Facebook ads).

Watch the full training on what you need to do right now, here.

– Silvia Myers

PS: Comment below if you have any more questions or any thoughts on this. I’d love to help.

Silvia Myers

Silvia Myers

Traffic Ninja & eCommerce Coach

Silvia is co-founder of Traffic Ninjas, teaching product makers and brand builders how to sell their incredible products online without having to discount or spend their hard-earned cash on things that don’t work.

Together with her husband and co-founder, Kristen, Traffic Ninjas equip eCommerce stores with an underground Ninja method specifically designed for small business owners, teaching them how to be profitable and sustainable and actually earn an income from selling their products online.

The Traffic Ninjas community has grown from Sydney, Australia to 35+ countries around the world with small business owners achieving amazing results.


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