Shopify Myths Busted: Debunking the Top 5 Misconceptions

Apr 25, 2024

Running a Shopify business can be a real game-changer, but falling for certain myths can spell disaster. Let’s debunk the top 5 myths that can kill your Shopify business and help you build a sustainable, profitable brand.

Myth #1: The One-Product Store

This one’s celebrated by many young mentors, but they often overlook the long-term pitfalls. A one-product store sells only one trending product, often of low quality. The problem? It’s based on the assumption you’ll have a high conversion rate and a decent average order value. But if you’re selling a cheap product at a high price, something’s got to give.

Plus, when you rely on one product, you’re at the mercy of trends. If it falls out of favor, so does your business. And let’s not forget the competition. Everyone jumps on the same bandwagon, driving up ad costs and slashing margins. Add in the headaches of returns, disputes, and refunds, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

Myth #2: Money from the First Purchase

Another myth is the idea that all your profit comes from the first purchase. Sustainable businesses thrive on repeat customers. Statistically, a good customer return rate is about 20%. So, if you’re only focusing on that first sale, you’re missing out on long-term profits.

Building an email list and remarketing to past customers is crucial. Email marketing is one of the most profitable channels out there. Don’t fall into the trap of neglecting your customer base after the initial sale.

Myth #3: Discounting Will Boost Sales

Discounting your products willy-nilly, hoping to drive sales, is a losing strategy. People don’t just want cheap; they want value. If you constantly slash prices, you devalue your product and brand. Instead, focus on building value.

What makes your business different? If your answer is “affordable prices,” you’re missing the mark. Position your product at the premium end of the scale. You need those margins to reinvest in your business and sustain growth.

Myth #4: Selling Products Under $20

Selling products under $20 can be a quick path to failure. Sure, having a few low-priced items is fine, but your average order value should be much higher. Ideally, you want it around $50-$60, or better yet, $120.

Why? Because it costs money to acquire customers. You’ve got to pay for ads, tools, and apps to run your Shopify store. If your products are too cheap, you won’t cover these costs, let alone make a profit. Think about bundling products to increase the average order value and ensure each sale is worth your investment.

Myth #5: Dropshipping Cheap Products

Dropshipping cheap products from China, hoping to make a quick buck, is another major myth. Sure, the dropshipping model itself can work, but not if you’re selling low-quality items. The margins are too thin, the competition is fierce, and the return rates are high.

Instead, focus on building a brand with quality products. Even if you use dropshipping, choose premium items that you can sell at a higher price. Know your products. Order samples, understand their quality, and make sure they provide value to your customers.

Bonus Tip: Build a Million-Dollar Brand

Ready to build a million-dollar brand instead of just selling cheap widgets? Here’s a bonus tip: focus on quality and customer experience. Target specific customers who will appreciate your products and buy from you repeatedly.

By building a brand, you’re creating a lasting business. You can still use the dropshipping model, but do it smartly. Offer related products, build your email list, and market to your customers over and over.

There you have it—the top 5 myths that can kill your Shopify business. Avoid the pitfalls of one-product stores, relying solely on first purchases, discounting, selling cheap products, and poor dropshipping practices. Focus on value, customer retention, and building a strong brand. Got questions? Drop a comment below. Let’s build a successful Shopify business together!

Silvia Myers

Silvia Myers

Traffic Ninja & eCommerce Coach

Silvia is co-founder of Traffic Ninjas, teaching product makers and brand builders how to sell their incredible products online without having to discount or spend their hard-earned cash on things that don’t work.

Together with her husband and co-founder, Kristen, Traffic Ninjas equip eCommerce stores with an underground Ninja method specifically designed for small business owners, teaching them how to be profitable and sustainable and actually earn an income from selling their products online.

The Traffic Ninjas community has grown from Sydney, Australia to 35+ countries around the world with small business owners achieving amazing results.


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