Top 3 Best Shipping Software For Ecommerce

Oct 2, 2021

With over one million sellers on Facebook, you need to have something special to stand out against the crowd. Offering fast shipping for your eCommerce business is one of the best ways to entice buyers to purchase from you instead of your competitor.

I know it can be overwhelming to decide on the perfect shipping software for you since there are so many, but don’t fret!

best shipping software for ecommerce

Keep reading to learn about the best shipping software for your eCommerce businesses and which one will work for you. 

1. ShippingEasy

shipping easy
Source: Woocommerce

This is one of the top-rated eCommerce shipping solutions available to online retailers. The name says it all, it is one of the easiest eCommerce shipping software to learn, and their customer service team is quick to jump in and help with any potential issues.


User-friendliness is the top feature of this software. They make everything easier, from importing orders, creating shipments and setting parameters, buying and printing postage, to creating shipping labels and packing slips.

ShippingEasy has a great partnership with USPS, allowing you to benefit from the low shipping rates. Some of the other features they have are:

  • Advanced reporting for orders, shipments, and inventory
  • Batch or individual shipping
  • Real-time tracking and shipping status updates.

They also can integrate with numerous eCommerce platforms, such as WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and more.

Pros and Cons of ShippingEasy

ShippingEasy has a very reasonable monthly cost and a low-cost option for small merchants. Their support is top-notch and has a ton of features.

While they are easy to learn, there’s a learning curve. There’s also no mobile app, so everything will need to be done on a computer.

ShippingEasy Pricing

They offer a free 30-day trial to see if it’s going to work for you, then the plans range depending on your needs. It starts as little as $5 per month for 50 shipments and goes up to $159 per month for 10,000 shipments.

shipping easy pricing

Who Should Use ShippingEasy?

ShippingEasy is the best shipping software for smaller businesses looking to get started. They still have room to grow as a platform, so it’s great for beginners looking to grow their eCommerce business.

2. OrderCup

order cup
Source: OrderCup

OrderCup is ideal for businesses that handle between 500 and 12,000 shipments a month. It has an easy-to-use interface with many carrier options. They also have discounted shipping rates and responsive customer support.


The well-organized dashboard makes it simple to learn. While setting up, you’ll integrate your hosted shopping cart, so all of your orders are automatically added to your dashboard. From there, it’s easy to connect with your preferred carrier and start processing orders. 

Some additional features they have are:

  • Connections with major shipping carriers
  • Ship worldwide
  • Automated shipping process
  • Print return labels for shipments
  • Hardware device support

They integrate with the major eCommerce platforms, such as Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Shopify, and many more.

Pros and Cons of OrderCup

The free trial without a credit card makes it enticing to sign up without any commitment. It’s easy to learn and has multi-channel syncing. You can enjoy the discounted shipping rates so you can pass the savings to your customers.

Unfortunately, unless you’re on the highest plan for OrderCup, you have to pay extra for any support. Their support is excellent, but it’s a turn-off to have to pay extra for help.

OrderCup Pricing

There are many tiers to OrderCup, and the 30-day free trial is something you should take advantage of. The smallest plan is a free one, giving you 50 shipments per month. The largest plan is $180 a month, offering your 12,000 shipments.

order cup pricing

Who Should Use OrderCup?

If you have a lot of international shipments, OrderCup is an excellent option for you. They make it easy to get started and automate your ordering process. 

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3. Ordoro

Source: SoftwareConnect

This shipping software is the best for small businesses or large drop shippers. It also tends to be very popular with Shopify users.


The minimalist user interface makes it easy to connect your shopping cart to your Ordoro account. They also make it simple to sync your inventory and automatically push any new orders to your dashboard. You’re given the option to create shipping and packing labels in bulk or one at a time.

The feature most businesses like is its dropshipping ability. Here are a few of the other notable features as well:

  • Ability to use multiple sales channels
  • Integration with local and international carriers
  • Low shipping rates
  • Automated tracking
  • Multi-channel selling

Don’t worry about your eCommerce software either; Ordoro can integrate with Shopify, BigCommerce, 3dcart, Magento, and so many more. 

Pros and Cons of Ordoro

If you’re a drop shipper, this is the platform that has the right solutions for you. There are also no shipping limits for the paid plans, with an easy learning curve. People rave about their customer service, so you know you’ll be well taken care of.

Unfortunately, you get significantly less on the lower plans, but as you grow and upgrade, the features pile on. 

Ordoro Pricing

There are a few pricing options with Ordoro, but one of the best elements of this shipping software is the 30-day free training and onboarding, so you know how to use the software before committing. They have a small plan of $59 a month, a pro plan of $499 a month, and then the enterprise plan for $999 a month. 

ordoro pricing

Who Should Use Ordoro?

If you’re a small business or a large drop shipper, Ordoro is the best option for you. If you’ve thought about dropshipping before, Ordoro can be the right partner to help you get started.

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Choose The Best Shipping Software For Your Ecommerce Business Today

Now that you know everything there is to know about the best shipping software for your eCommerce business, it’s time for you to get started!
Remember to take advantage of free trials to ensure you like the software and make sure they integrate with your eCommerce platform. If you’re struggling to make money with your eCommerce business, you’re not alone.

We help businesses like yours grow using innovative digital marketing campaigns. Don’t wait for your business to become successful; contact us today and avoid the painful “trial and error”.

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