5 Steps To Succeed With Pinterest Marketing in eCommerce (Without Paying For Services)

Jun 3, 2022

Selling your wonderful products with Pinterest marketing is not just easy but it’s also a majorly untapped territory for eCommerce stores. Whether you’re with Shopify, any other eCommerce platform or have an Etsy store or even if you’re an Amazon seller. The bottom line is that you can sell on Pinterest for free and you can do that easily, without having to pay for Pinterest marketing services.

If you’ve never used Pinterest before, have no followers and no one has heard of your business before Pinterest is a great platform to sell your products. Why? Because it’s not a popularity contest like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok but it actually preferences products that are relevant to your ideal customers.

Pinterest ideas search

The strategies and principles I’ll be sharing with you here will work for you if you’re a new or a more established brand. Pinterest is one of those beautiful platforms where you can start from scratch today. Even if you’ve been on Pinterest for a while and want to learn some Ninja tips on how to actually maximise your efforts, with some simple tweaks you can still get more free buyers on Pinterest.

We’ll cover how to sell on Pinterest, how to succeed on Pinterest and more.

How Pinterest Marketing Is Different Tot Other Social Media Platforms

The first thing you need to know about Pinterest is how this platform actually operates and how is it different compared to other platforms. Once you understand this, it will help you get the most out of its marketing in a super-easy way. Most people don’t realise that Pinterest is actually NOT a social network. It’s an inspiration or an ideas platform. Which typically means two things:

This means that you’re NOT interrupting people’s day by sticking yourself inside their feed and being invasive. That’s what Facebook, Instagram or Tik Tok marketing is about. We’ve got videos on how to do that if you’re interested.

You don’t have to talk to anyone and you can pre-schedule everything. In other words, you can ‘batch it’.

Most of you are looking for easy ways to get buyers to your online store and sell your wonderful products. We’re here to tell you that Pinterest is an amazing platform for doing that. So let’s go through it step by step..

Why You MUST Use Pinterest Marketing In Your eCom Strategy

There are a few really important reasons why you MUST use Pinterest for your eCommerce strategy.

First, there are 433 million active users on Pinterest every single month. Second, 45% of people in the USA with a 6 figure household income are on Pinterest.

Pinterest audience potential

Next, as I already mentioned Pinterest is a search network, it’s not a social network. So it’s perfect if you don’t want to interact with anyone as users come to Pinterest for ideas and inspiration and those who find you there tend to fall in love with everything you’ve got.

Also, you really don’t need any followers to get buyers from Pinterest because Pinterest is not a popularity contest like Facebook or Instagram. They don’t give preference to the latest trending viral content. Instead, they prefer what’s actually relevant to their users.

For example, have a look at the Pinterest profile below, it only has 31 followers but gets almost 52,000 views every month.

No followers needed on pinterest

And that’s not all – the best thing is that Google loves Pinterest and Pinterest loves Google. They’re constantly making sure that Pinterest results come up at the top of Google searches. 

So everything you create on Pinterest can be preferenced by Google. When people search for products on Google, you’ll be able to get additional buyers to your store who are not on Pinterest, but they did find you via Google.

With 63,000 searches happening on Google every second, this is one MAJOR opportunity you don’t want to miss.

How To Avoid Paying For Pinterest Marketing Services

When it comes to Pinterest marketing, essentially there are only 2 important things that you need to know to get more buyers to your store.

The first one is how to navigate the platform effectively without spending a ton of time on it. Even brands who have been on Pinterest for a long time don’t always get this one right. So it pays to pay attention.

And once that’s sorted, the second important part is to understand how to get as many buyers to visit your store and buy all of your wonderful products. In other words, how do you turn it into a Pinterest ecommerce platform that generates results.

Ok so let’s deep dive into this amazing platform and how to navigate it effectively without spending a ton of time on it or having to pay for Pinterest marketing services.

5 Steps To Succeed With Pinterest eCommerce Marketing

1. Set Up A Pinterest Business Account

So the first thing you need to do is open a Pinterest For business account if you don’t have one yet. Most of you already have the Pinterest for Business account, but in case you don’t yet, this is the first step for you to kick off your successful Pinterest eCommerce strategy.

2. Create And Organize Your Pins On Pinterest

Navigating the Pinterest platform is super easy yet, most online stores get it wrong.

It’s super simple – we have pins and we have boards. Think about your pins as products and think about your boards as collections. It’s kind of similar to an actual store set-up.

So you create a pin and remember you can upload multiple images or even a video into 1 pin and this is like your product listing. You show off your product and give it a name and a description.

It’s super important that you utilise what we call Ninja Phrases to create the title and the description but I’ll talk about it in more detail in a minute.

Examples of a Pinterest pin
Pinterest pins main profile

3. Create And Organize Your Boards On Pinterest

Once you have all of your products crated as separate pins, you can start creating boards and start putting these pins in. Again think about it as a collection page instead of a product page.

If you have Persian rugs and you’ve got multiple of them, you create a board called Persian rugs and you simply put all of these inside.

Pinterest board example

Most online stores either create just boards or pins, but they don’t do both which really hurts the potential of new buyers coming to your store.

What you need to remember is that Pinterest is a planning platform and your collections are also curations that Pinterest preferences. So if you create a board, you’re giving Pinterest more reasons to show not just one product to your ideal buyer but actually a whole collection without your products having to be displayed next to someone else’s like here for example.

4. Use Ninja Phrases To Succeed On Pinterest

This brings me to the next most important part of your Pinterest eCommerce Strategy to make sure that you’re selling on Pinterest with ease.

The way how you name your pins and how you describe them and how you name your boards is super important.

Think about this from a customer perspective. If you sell a red Persian rug or green wooden earrings you want to name those pins based on what the product actually is because that’s what your buyers search for.

What most online store owners do, they try and be creative with their product names. They call their products something fancy like “The Late Autumn Breeze” or “The Teal Collection”. They don’t describe their products well and this will really hurt the number of buyers you’ll be able to get to your store.

That’s why we always say that you need to utilise your Ninja Phrases to create the right title and description because it’s just as important as the image itself.

If you want to know more about the Ninja phrases and how to research them for your Pinterest eCommerce strategy so that you’re selling on Pinterest with your Shopify or Etsy store, just watch our Keywords Secrets Video.

5. Triple Your Selling On Pinterest By Being Picked Up By Google

This eCommerce strategy tip will help you to succeed on Pinterest and triple your selling on the platform in an effort that will take you literally less than 30 seconds.

Remember how I mentioned that Pinterest loves Google and Google loves Pinterest? Also, remember how I said that Pinterest is an inspiration and ideas platform?

Pinterest in Google search

So literally, all you have to do is add at the end of your board the word “Ideas” and you will literally triple the number of buyers coming to your store and more.

When it comes to the name of the products and ideas at the end of that, the Pinterest result always comes first after the ads inside most Google Searches. Depending on your niche, this could be something like “Bathroom ideas”, “Floor mat ideas”, “Handmade soy candle ideas” and so on.  


I hope you now understand that Pinterest is a very easy platform to use that’s largely untapped and doesn’t require many resources, or paying for Pinterest marketing services.

If you want to learn more on how to drive highly converting traffic to your online store without spending any money on ads, just download our Blueprint here.

Alternatively, you can read more on how to drive organic traffic to your store for free, even if you’re new.

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Silvia Myers

Silvia Myers

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