The 5 Best Cha Ching Sound Effects For Shopify And Online Stores

Sep 9, 2022

Don’t you just LOVE when that CHA CHING sound goes off and you know that you’ve made a sale in your Shopify or other eCommerce store?!

In fact, one of our students has downloaded the cha ching sound effect and was making so many sales that his wife made him take it off as it was making that crazy sound all day long.

Cha ching sound effect

Anyway, you’re here because just like us, you think that this sound effect is super awesome and there are many ways how you can use it and some of them you can also download for your Shopify store.

Here’s the list of our favourite cha-ching sound effects, please do enjoy!

Cha Ching Sound Number #1

If you just want to listen to the cha ching sound effect, this is the one for you. I personally like playing this one in the background when I feel like there needs to be a few more sales coming in.

It’s kind of my daily mantra of getting into the right state.

Number #2

2. If you just want an easy download of the cha ching sound for your Shopify store so that you can hear the sound effect every time you make a sale, you will first have to download the below sound effect and then add the file to your notifications library inside your shopify store.

Cha Ching #3

3. This one is for you if you think that you’ve heard all of the sounds before. Because this sound effect is very different from others and that’s what we really like about it.

In fact, it’s not just one but five of them combined and some of these sounds take you back to retro registers rather than modern Shopify stores. Listen to it and let us know what you think in the comments below. It’s different, right?

Sound #4

4. These cha ching sounds are quite funny. As you listen to each of these effects that could be used for your Shopify store or any other eCommerce store, you will be amazed with the creativity of the author.

In some of them, you can hear this sound effect being recorded by a human voice. I’m just thinking how funny it would be to sit in a nice restaurant ordering my meal and a have a male voice randomly yell out “cha ching”!

I wonder what the people in the restaurant would think about that.

Sound #5

5. Last but not least, this cha ching sound effect is a must try. Little known and underutilised, this sound effect is so much cooler than the rest of them because it takes you back to a movie from 1950’s theme park and a lady pressing a button selling tickets for a roller coaster. I would be definitely downloading this one to my Shopify store.

Which is your favorite?

Ok so now that you’ve got the list of the 5 Best Cha Ching Sound effects that you can download for your Shopify store and any other eCommerce store, it’s actually time to get to hear this sound effect more often by driving more sales for your online store.

Take advantage of all of our free resources helping you sit back, relax and listen to that cha-ching sound effect all day long.

And as always, do make sure that you let us know how you like our content as this content is here for you. Comment below what you liked and what you’d like to see and we’re looking forward to seeing you grow your online business!

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Silvia Myers

Silvia Myers

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